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[Datamine] 6.3.0 | Update 29 – Flames of Ambition DLC

Flames of Ambition Icon

After the announcement of Update 29 and the Dungeon DLC Flames of Ambition, the PTS was updated to 6.3.0 last Wednesday which brought a lot of new stuff with it.
Amongst the new things are: two new Houses, new Outfits and the new Ayleid Crown Crate.
Let’s take a look!


“Ancient pillars along the Abecean Sea mark the site of once-soaring Ayleid architecture. Though none know the original purpose of these structures, some claim that soaking in the retreat’s indoor crystal pool heals the spirit.”

This House will be made available through the Crown Store.

The recently abandoned Sheogorath shrine that locals call Assalkushalit features a statue to the Mad God within its stony hall. Whether you revere this Daedric Prince or want a home nestled in Red Mountain, this portal-ridden sanctuary can be yours!”

This House will be made available through the Crown Store.

Upcoming Events

(This Event was formerly two: Morrowind and Clockwork City Celebration.)

The Tribunal Celebration is a celebration of the Tribunal: Sotha Sil, Vivec, and Almalexia. During this event, you can earn the following rewards by participating in various activities in Vvardenfell and the Clockwork City.

  • Double rewards for defeating Group Boss and Delve Boss enemies
  • Double yield from harvesting nodes in either area
  • Double rewards for completing Delve, Group Boss, and Ashlander daily quests.
    Killing bosses in these zones, including those found inside Halls of Fabrication and Asylum Sanctorum additionally has a chance to reward you with style pages for the new Doctrine Ordinator style.
  • Reward Boxes
    Completing your first daily quest in Vvardenfell or Clockwork City will award a Glorious Tribunal Coffer, which contains valuable rewards, including a chance to obtain exclusive rewards such as the new Slag Town Diver skin, a Microtized Verminous Fabricant Pet, and a Thetys Ramarys’s Bait Kit memento.
    Additionally, you can find rare Tribunal Coffers by participating in activities within Vvardenfell and the Clockwork City. These coffers have a reduced chance of providing these rewards.



Crown Crate

Ayleid Mounts

Other Mounts

Ayleid Pets

Other Pets

Ayleid Weapons

Outfit Styles



Face & Body Markings



Housing Guests

Lyranth will also be a Houseguest, but only her icon (right) is in the game files yet.



Icons and other Imagery

Oh hey, you’re still reading?
We’re almost out of “data-ore”. Uh… how about we give you some Furniture/Housing Icons as a treat?


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